“With a wonderful sense of humor and adventure, Jo Duhn introduces her second Casey and the Crab. Her positive view of life paired with ecological good sense and love of learning contribute to a tale that is attractive and entertaining.”
—Bettie Ogren,
Livingston, Texas

“Jo Duhn has proven that her first book was just the beginning! Casey and the Crab II has as much if not more, excitement and adventure as the first book. My grandchildren couldn't put it down and neither could I. We can't wait for the third one!”
—Rick Howard,
Huntington, IN

“A wonderful summer book, complete with a beach setting and a colony of crabs to help the hero save the community! Children will enjoy reading about Casey’s adventure and will benefit from some important life lessons as well.”
—Sandra Sorsdahl,
Retired teacher and special education consultant,
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

“Jo Duhn has the wonderful knack of captivating a child’s imagination through the twists and turns of her stories!…Jo has woven lessons of responsibility and moral values throughout the pages, all while challenging the child’s reading skills and creative imagery. We can’t wait for the next book!”
—Mona Hernandez,
Parker, Colorado

“…quite entertaining, moving at a pace that should keep any child, and a few
adults, wondering how this will end.”
—Cari Potter,
Indio, California