Casey and the Crab II

Trinadad Tomayo's Treasure

When a local librarian's house is ransacked and an old pirate's diary is stolen, Casey and Cap join forces once again. But the caper turns kidnapping when the creeps aren't finding any real clues in the old diary they stole from the librarian. Casey must rely on his wits, his honor, and his friendship with Cap, the clever old crab who is his best friend, to solve this case. Finally getting their hands on the old diary only leads to more questions than answers, though. The mysterious clue at the end of the diary reads: The secret lies in the claw of the crab.

Can Casey escape from the professor and the fat man? Will they rescue the old librarian? Will they figure out what the cryptic clue means? Will they find buried treasure on the island? This is truly an adventure of historic proportions!