About the Author

It seems like I’ve always had stories rattling around in my head that wanted to get out. When my children were young, I would make up stories with little lessons in them and, one time, I did start to write a book. It was an adventure about a young boy who was sick of everybody telling him what to do, based on my son, who was sick of everybody telling him what to do.

Every time I wrote a chapter, I would read it to him and his sister and they loved it. Unfortunately, half way through it, my computer crashed and back then I wasn’t smart enough to back everything up two or three times (or even once). And so, my first attempt at writing a book ended in disaster and I didn’t have the heart or time to try to recreate it.

Fast forward about 15 years. Now my husband and I had the time to travel and as often as not, we headed for the beach… somewhere, anywhere as long as there was sand and an ocean. With my new found freedom, new stories began filling my head and I started to write them down…maybe my grandchildren would want to hear them. I wrote one book and then another and that led to another. I backed them up four times and kept them safe but never did anything with them.

Oh, I secretly hoped I would get them published one day. I thought it would be great to have children reading them and waiting impatiently for the next adventure. But mostly, I kept them safely backed up…well, until the big, blue crab!

Like so many others, my life took a turn and I was faced with a serious illness. My “someday” may have been questionable but I was lucky. Surrounded by my loving family and blessed with a multitude of prayers on my behalf, some from total strangers, Igot through it.

My husband and I headed back to the beach. A place where I could heal and thank God for helping me get through. My books on hold, I began to walk the beach and have long conversations with God. I asked all the usual questions. Why am I here? What should I do? Well, you know. And then one morning, just as the sun was coming up, I saw the crab. He was huge! He was the bluest thing I had ever seen! And he was surrounded by a lot of beach combers that early morning. Everyone there exclaimed on his size, his color and the fact that these crabs didn’t live in the ocean and no one there that day had seen one before.

This was a giant blue land crab. They migrate to the ocean to mate and lay their eggs, but this was certainly not the right time of the year and they are very much nocturnal, not the right time of the day, either. As luck would have it, I had my camera and I took at least 20 pictures of him. I felt it was a message of sorts , after all, I had been writing books about a crab but I didn’t have time to think it through! Wow! I got home as fast as I could, excited and screaming at my husband to come and look but when I hit ‘review’ on the camera to show my the wonderful thing I had seen there were 20 totally black pictures; the lens cap had stuck!

I walked the beach several times that day but the big, blue crab was gone; I’d lost my only chance and I was mad at myself and more than a little frustrated! That evening, as the sun was setting, my husband and I walked the beach once more. There was no one around and the tide was coming in. Up ahead, I saw some trash coming in on the tide in the distance and, as is my custom, I headed there to pick it up.

But this wasn’t trash! This was the big, blue crab! He had come back!!! I sent my husband running for the camera as I watched him heading down the beach and I ran interception to keep him from swimming away before I got my shots but, in retrospect, I don't think he would have. I think he was my own, personal "God wink".

God sends us messages all the time but I think we all tend to blow them off as coincidence or a fluke. I don’t know but I believe that this was a message directed to me, I mean, come on! I had spent several years writing books about a boy and a big, blue crab! God has spoken to people in many ways…in burning bushes…as a bright light…why not as a crab? My stories aren’t life changing, I realize that, but they do carry a message (along with a lot of adventure). I think that right now, at this point in my life, this is what I’m meant to do; to get a good message, wrapped in adventure, out to young readers.

Today I am having fun working on getting my other four Casey and the Crab adventures published and I already have a couple more rattling around in my head, waiting to get out.